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Based on a true story, "Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale" follows family man Max Bornstein who was a full-time dope fiend working within the underground, highly illegal pornography industry in 1968’s New York City. While running books and films to delivery points and mob headquarters around the east coast, Max had the Feds on his tail. But even in the wake of a federal investigation, Max's truest worry was his wife and two young children, a family kept in the dark about Max's reality and the walls of it caving in around him. As Max battles his consuming addiction, dissolving family unit and the growing suspicion about his drug use amongst his associates, Max watches helplessly as his well-crafted reality falls to pieces, leaving him searching for the spaces in between.

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Release : 2015-05-14

Genre : Thriller, Crime

Runtime : 90

Company :

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